“The Video Coach” Real Estate Licensing System

(Satisfies Virginia’s 60-hour Principles and Practices of Real Estate requirement)

The real estate course for busy people who can’t attend class!

For many people, attending a regularly scheduled class is a challenge – family issues, finding baby-sitters, job demands, travel distance, etc. Here’s a way to save gas money and time traveling to and from class.

Learning real estate just got more interesting . . .

“The Video Coach” Real Estate Licensing System is not just another home study course. It’s a complete system for completing the pre-licensing education requirement that almost seems effortless. You’ll experience video recordings of your mentor and guide, John Henry Saunders, explaining real estate in a clear and concise manner. With the “The Video Coach”, you can now complete the course on your own without feeling left on your own. An instructor or staff person is just an email or telephone call away.

The Real Estate Academy is committed to providing you with superior teaching and coaching, and helpful learning tools. With each of us doing our part, you will acquire your Real Estate License!

A complete system for getting your Real Estate License:

With the “The Video Coach” Real Estate Licensing System, you are provided with everything you need to successfully complete the program and to obtain your real estate license.

You will receive private access to video tutorials providing you with additional support in getting your license. The first is an introduction to the course that explains the most effective way to cover the material. Plus, valuable test-taking tips based on the experience of many people who have successfully taken the state exam.

Here’s what you’ll receive in “The Video Coach” Real Estate Licensing System:

  • 16 video segments of the course instructor explaining real estate in a clear and understandable style
  • A thorough, but concise text, Principles of Real Estate Practice by Cusic and Mettling
  • Downloadable files of supporting material, such as special disclosure forms, real estate sales agreements, and appraisal forms
  • Progress Quizzes Students who have successfully received their real estate license tell us that practicing lots of test questions is critical to success on the state exam.
  • Plus, when you complete the program, you’ll receive a free bonus recording: 25 Essential Steps to Real Estate Sales Success.

And your tuition investment is just $249. Enroll now, by clicking here.

The real estate business offers incomparable opportunity for people to achieve their income goals, to have independence, and the lifestyle they choose.

Whatever your personal real estate objectives might be, The Real Estate Academy is here to help you reach them. We believe “The Video Coach” Real Estate Licensing System will be a keystone to your future success in real estate.

Which learning style do you favor? Some people are visual learners, while others are auditory learners. Research has shown that learning is enhanced when students are taught in the way that matches their learning style.

The Video Coach Real Estate Licensing System appeals to all learning styles. Just like in the classroom, you will see and hear the instructor, and you will see the corresponding Power Point slides and other visual aids.

The “The Video Coach” Real Estate Licensing System allows you to use both visual and auditory learning. Rather than just reading the material, you will also hear and see explanations of the topics as your personal coach explains real estate in plain, easy to understand language.

With “The Video Coach” Real Estate Licensing System you can:

  • Progress at your own pace – complete the program and get your license as quickly or as leisurely as you like;
  • You can study from the comfort of your own home;
  • Save time and money traveling to class. Instead of you going to the instructor, the instructor comes to you;
  • Study according to a schedule that suits your needs.

The “The Video Coach” Real Estate Licensing System makes it as easy as possible to get your real estate license – we’ve done it all for you (except take the test!). It’s a complete system, containing everything you need to learn and prepare for your future in real estate.

To enroll, click here.