Broker Licensing Courses

How do you get a Real Estate Broker license?
To get your Broker license, you will need to complete the four 45-hour courses listed below. A monitored exam (which we arrange for you) is completed at the conclusion of each course. If you have had your real estate salesperson license active for three years, we will complete your registration for you to take the state Broker licensing exam. That’s it – you’re a Broker!

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45-Hr. Real Estate Appraisal
45-Hr. Real Estate Brokerage
45-Hr. Real Estate Finance
45-Hr. Real Estate Investment
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Broker Licensing Course Descriptions

Real Estate Appraisal

The 45-hour appraisal course for broker candidates provides a thorough grounding in valuation principles and techniques.Learn how to improve your CMA’s. Gain a competitive advantage when pricing property by learning how to quickly and competently evaluate market data.

Get the appraisal knowledge needed to confidently pass the state licensing exam.

Credit Hours: 45 Tuition: $315 Enroll

Real Estate Brokerage

This course provides practical understanding of the daily challenges and responsibilities of the real estate Broker.

Learn how to analyze the business climate, and skillfully staff and direct the real estate enterprise. Discover how to cope with the challenge of change, and learn the qualities of effective leadership.

Take your knowledge of marketing and advertising to the corporate level.

Credit Hours: 45 Tuition: $315 Enroll

Real Estate Finance

Take your financing knowledge to the next level with this comprehensive review of real estate lending.

Learn creative real estate finance techniques that will assist you in closing the difficult transactions.

Acquire an understanding of real estate finance cycles, how the monetary system affects your industry, and the role of the secondary mortgage market.

Credit Hours: 45 Tuition: $315 Enroll

Real Estate Investment

The course presents the various property types that provide opportunities for investment. It also addresses the advantages and disadvantages of real estate as an investment for a comprehensive understanding of the subject.

Credit Hours: 45 Tuition: $315 Enroll


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