VA Real Estate License

When is the best time to get started in real estate?

If you want real results from yourreal estate training,

attend the

Real Estate Licensing
Boot Camp


The Real Estate Academy, Inc.

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The path to getting your VA Real Estate License

Here are some of the benefits you’ll receive at the Real Estate Licensing Boot Camp:

  • Classes and instruction that are designed for stress-free learning.
  • A full-time staff to provide support and guidance through your real estate learning experience.
  • Class schedules that provide the best format for ease of learning and success on the State Exam.
  • FREE admission to The Real Estate Academy’s Exam Prep Coach Class.
  • All necessary course materials are included: the real estate principles textbook, Virginia Real Estate
    Board Regulations, PSI Examination booklet.


When you complete the Real Estate Licensing Boot Camp, you’ll be able to:

    • Obtain your VA Real Estate License


    • Achieve earnings based on your effort and skills.


  • Determine your own work schedule.
  • Be your own boss.

Accelerated Six Week Schedule:

Sign up earlyand save $20 – ENROLL
Date to be scheduled
Tuesday & Thursday evenings, 6:30 – 9:30
Exam Prep – February 6th, 6:30 – 9:30
All inclusive tuition: $285

There’s no time like the present to earn your VA Real Estate License. You can begin earning commission dollars as a part-time or full-time real estate agent. Also, many brokerages have referral programs that make it possible for you to earn commissions by simply referring your prospects to another real estate agent. This is an easy, low cost way to begin earning money with your real estate license without making a full-time commitment. Why wait? Complete your licensing requirements and begin earning real estate commissions.

Approved by the Virginia Real Estate Board for 60 hours pre-licensing credit.