Uniform Standards
of Professional Appraisal Practice

 Mandatory Continuing Education Requirement

Health Warning

It is rumored among appraisers that attending a USPAP appraisal course may be hazardous to your health.
All over the USA, it is being reported that the National USPAP Course is causing deep hypnotic states and overwhelming
sleepiness among students.

There have been reports of whiplash as sudden nodding of heads results in neck injury. A student exclaimed, “The feeling
of sleepiness was so sudden and severe that my head dropped like a bowling ball.”

Several victims of these classes have described the USPAP experience as like being in a drug-induced coma.

A school in New England has retained the services of an Emergency Medical Unit to help revive students when the USPAP
class is concluded. Others are providing bus transportation for students who do not recover sufficient mental alertness for
operating an automobile.

    Our Guarantee

The Real Estate Academy, Inc. of Richmond, Virginia has taken steps to prevent these health hazards
from happening to students. To our knowledge, The Real Estate Academy course is the only non-
sleep-inducing USPAP course in the nation.

In fact, we’re the only source of approved appraiser education that offers an absolute “No Z’s Guarantee”.
We are committed to doing whatever it takes to increase the knowledge and protect the health of our students.

As part of our “No Z’s Guarantee” we will provide cold showers, violent shakings, sudden loud noises, and any other means
necessary to help our students maintain full alertness and avoid personal injury.

When you’re considering enrolling in a USPAP course, remember The Real Estate Academy and the “No Z’s Guarantee”.
It’s our intention to provide you with competent instruction that is interesting and enjoyable.