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Historic Property Valuation

Credit Hours: 14 Tuition: $258 Date: Warrenton – April 16 & 18
Richmond – April 17 & 18

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In honor of Thomas Jefferson’s birthday (April 13, 1743), and in response to students request, The Real Estate Academy is pleased to offer the 14-hour appraisal continuing education course entitled, Historic Property Valuation, Part A.

The purpose of the course is to provide you with an introduction to the appraisal of historic property. The course will provide the necessary background of the growing trend of property preservation in the United States. This will assist you in the analysis of the political, economic, and social influences on historic property value.

The appraisal of historic property presents unique challenges to the appraiser regarding identification of relevant characteristics, and data collection and analysis. In this class, you will acquire the knowledge to complete the appraisal process employing the sales comparison approach to value.

A case study focal point of the class will be Thomas Jeffersons Monticello home located in Charlottesville, Virginia. The class will enjoy a unique learning format that will include classroom lecture on the first day of class, and an on-site inspection tour of Monticello on the second day of class. We are excited about offering our students a memorable historic property learning experience.

The first day of the class will be held in two locations Warrenton and Richmond. You can pick your location for the first day of class. Students from both locations will meet at Monticello on April 18th.

Class Schedule

Thursday, April 16th. Hours: 9 am 5 pm. Warrenton students meet at Hampton Inn.
Friday, April 17th. Hours: 9 am 5 pm. Richmond students meet at The Real Estate Academy.
Saturday, April 18th. Hours: 9 am 5 pm. Both groups meet at Monticello (admission 25.00).

Everyone is encouraged to enjoy lunch together at Michie Tavern for all you can eat of the best fried chicken in Tom Jeffersons Virginia (price: 17.50). Yes, you may bring a friend or family member for the Monticello segment of the class.

“I am as happy no where else and in no other society,
and all my wishes end, where I hope my days will end,
at Monticello.”

Warrenton Class Location

Hampton Inn, Warrenton
501 Blackwell Road, 20186

Richmond Class Location

The Real Estate Academy
2720 Enterprise Parkway
Richmond, VA 23294

Historic Property Appraisal

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