Listed below are the answers to the most common questions asked by people considering an Appraisal License:


1. Is this class approved by the Virginia Real Estate Appraiser Board?

2. What are the requirements to become a Real Estate Appraiser?

3. How many hours of continuing education do I need?

4. Can continuing education courses be used for pre-licensing credit?

5. Does it matter what order I take the appraisal classes in?

6. Is it difficult to find an appraiser who will supervise a trainee?

7. How long does it take to fulfill the experience requirements for an appraisal license?

8. When do I need to affiliate with an appraiser?

9. Is it difficult to get into the real estate appraisal industry?

10. Where do I take the State appraiser exam?


1. Each of the class descriptions indicates the number of hours
the Virginia Appraiser Board will accept for continuing ed or pre-licensing.

2. There are four license levels in Virginia. Except for the Trainee license,
all of them have an education requirement and an experience requirement.
The four licenses are:

Appraiser Trainee

Complete 75 hrs of education, no experience required,
no licensing exam requirement.
Trainees must work under the direction of a supervising appraiser.

Licensed Residential

Complete 150 hrs of education, 1,000 hrs experience, and
pass the state licensing exam.
May appraise properties of 1-4 residential units with transaction values
of less than $1 million, and non-complex, non-residential properties
with transaction values up to $250,000.

Certified Residential

Complete 200 hrs of education total,
1,500 hrs experience, pass state licensing exam.
May appraise properties of 1-4 residential units regardless of
transaction value, and non-residential properties with transaction
values up to $250,000.

Certified General

Complete 300 hrs of education – total from the above license levels;
3,000 hrs experience,
pass the state licensing exam.
May appraise all types of real estate and real property regardless of
value, complexity or type.

* All license levels require at least 15 hours on the Uniform Standards
of Professional Appraisal Practice (15-Hour National USPAP Course).

3. Appraisers are required to complete 28 hours of continuing education
during each two year license period.
The 28 hours of continuing ed must include the 7-Hour National USPAP Update Course.

4. In most cases, no.
To be accepted for pre-licensing credit, appraisal courses must be
at least 15 hours in length and there must be a final exam.

5. The preferred sequence is to begin with the
Basic Appraisal Principles course.
The order of subsequent courses is not as important.

6. Acquiring experience as a trainee requires direct supervision
by a certified appraiser, which means a commitment
of time by the supervising appraiser. A trainee needs to be persistent
in seeking the help of a qualified appraiser.

7. Under current Virginia regulations, at least six (6) months for Licensed Residential.

8. As soon as you are ready to begin your appraiser training.

9. It’s more difficult than getting employment at a fast food restaurant,
but less difficult than becoming a brain surgeon.
Seriously, the difficulty of most endeavors is proportionate to
the benefits to be gained.

10. State licensing exams are administered by PSI Examination Services.
To order an exam Guidebook with detailed information and exam
application form, call (800) 733-9267.

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