The 28-Hour Power Weekend 2018 – October 18, 19, and 20

Credit Hours: 28 Tuition: $499
Enroll by Oct. 11th for $449.10
Date: Oct. 18-20 Enroll

The 28-Hour Power Weekend is continuing ed for appraisers who would like to complete their license renewal education in one Olympian event.

WARNING: This is the ‘Arnold Schwarzenegger’ version of Appraiser Continuing Education. The series is not intended for the wimpy or faint of heart.

In response to requests from busy appraisers, The Real Estate Academy created The 28-Hour Power Weekend. This is a multi-day continuing ed event for procrastinating appraisers (or those who have been too busy to complete their license renewal requirements). The courses will be offered on consecutive days, enabling the time challenged appraiser to complete 28 hours of CE (or part of the 28 hours) at one event.

Partial enrollment is allowed. If you don’t need your entire 28-hours of CE, you are welcome to enroll in any segment that suits your needs and interests – just click on the title.

7-Hour National USPAP Update Course

Date: Thursday, October 18, 2018 Time: 8:30 AM – 4:30 PM Tuition: $159

Collection & Verification of Residential Data in the Sales Comparison Approach

The collection and the verification of sales data are two very important aspects of the appraisal process. Students will learn the importance of an acceptable scope of work as it relates to data collection, followed by a detailed discussion on the verification of sales data. CE Credit: 5 Hours.

Date: Friday, October 19, 2018 Time: 8:30 AM Tuition: $85

Appraising Easements: Concepts and Methodology

An easement is a legal division of real property which conveys use, but not ownership. Easements occur in many forms. These will be identified in the class with particular focus on the conservation easement. The transfer of easement rights will be addressed, plus the key to proper application of appraisal methodology. CE Credit: 5 Hours.

Date: Friday, October 19, 2018 Time: 1:30 PM Tuition: $85

Adjusting Comparable Sales for Seller Concessions

Many real property transactions are facilitated by various forms of seller assistance. The assistance may be a seller concession or financing concession that could have an influence on the contract price. The course will address how to identify, verify, analyze, and adjust sale comparables for both seller concessions and financing concessions. CE Credit: 5 Hours.

Date: Saturday, October 20, 2018 Time: 8:30 AM Tuition: $85

Residential Applications of the Income Approach

The income approach is an under appreciated valuation method in residential appraising. The course will identify the benefits of using the income approach; when it is necessary for credible assignment results; and the steps in proper execution of the valuation method. CE Credit: 5 Hours.

Date: Saturday, October 20, 2018 Time: 1:30 PM Tuition: $85
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Class Location
Hampton Inn & Suites at Virginia Center
1101 Technology Park Drive
Glen Allen, VA 23059
(804) 261-2266